Just another RMAN backup-script for Windows

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I was asked to deliver a backup-script for a windows-database. However I'm not a o.s.-scripting guru at all and certainly not on Windows, I came to the following script. It looks a lot like the one I use on Linux, just translated it into a .cmd-file. The challenge was to get it in one-command file.

RMAN: restore database on another node including rename

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Consider this, you've got no DataGuard at your disposal. Single node, relying on your RMAN-backup on disk, which is fortunately copied to tape. Now your complete node is burning down. What's is left is your RMAN-backup. In a bad scenario you'll have to restore this to another node.

Cloning / duplicating with RMAN, the basics

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It is considered a skill every DBA should have, cloning / duplicating a database with RMAN. My own basic checklist through an example: Cloning of the DEVDB on the node LARRIE to node ELLISON, new database name DEVDBNEW

RMAN-06053 tijdens Point in Time Recovery

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Zo’n 6 keer uitgevoerd op een ontwikkel-database: restoren via rman naar een bepaalde tijd. 7e keer gaat het restore-gedeelte goed, recovery niet: RMAN-06053, missing log – terwijl die er toch echt is naar mijn bescheiden mening. Database versie op Suse 9.


Backup database shell-script with RMAN

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A proper backup is the base for a well and relaxed administration of yout databases.What follows is a backup-script which I use for several customers. It's backing up all in the same directory and I tested the restore frequently.