Errors in alert log [NI cryptographic checksum mismatch] TNS-12599

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Using rdbms 11.2 as the repository for our Grid Control environmont, noticed a lot of the same errors in the alert file of the repository or/and the target database:

NI cryptographic checksum mismatch error: 12599.
TNS for Linux: Version – Production
Oracle Bequeath NT Protocol Adapter for Linux: Version – Production
TCP/IP NT Protocol Adapter for Linux: Version – Production
Time: 24-MAR-2011 11:58:31
Tracing not turned on.
Tns error struct:
ns main err code: 12599

TNS-12599: TNS:cryptographic checksum mismatch
ns secondary err code: 2526
nt main err code: 0
nt secondary err code: 0
nt OS err code: 0

Note: 1150874.1 gives the cause, workaround and solution:


Grid Control: number of active connections is….

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After installing and configuring application server, the agent on that server started to sent messages like 'The number of active connections is ..' . But.. there are no connections yet on the system (as far as I know)! Grid Control (OMS + agent) = 10.2.05, application server

VM-time out of sync, runs too fast with guest-O.S. Suse Linux 9 / 10

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Grid Control is calling  >> “Difference between OMS system time and Agent system time is 121 mins and has exceeded the critical threshold 120 mins”

The system time runs too fast on a (Suse) Linux-based (kernel 2.6) virtual machine, while the ntp has been configured. There are a lot of documents regarding this kind of issues. For explanation and understanding a few documents we used: (Microsoft? seems to work for VM-ware too…) (time not syncing with ntp-server)

Next option for me when all above should not be working, but didn’t have to use it:

Solution we implemented, seemed to work:
– add the clock=pit parameter to the kernel entry (for explanation, see below)
– in addition add the option ‘burst iburst‘ to the ntp-configuration.

To see by the way how the ntp is working:
# watch ntpq -p

Clock=pit for the GRUB bootloader
In the guest operating system, open the /boot/grub/menu.lst file by using a text editor such as Vi. For example, type the following command from a console, and then press ENTER:
vi /boot/grub/menu.lst
This file contains the Linux boot options and resembles the following:
title Linux
kernel (hd0,4)/vmlinuz root=/dev/hda7 vga=791
initrd (hd0,4)/initrd
title windows
In the title Linux area of this file, add the clock=pit parameter to the kernel entry. This area should resemble the following:
title Linux
kernel (hd0,4)/vmlinuz root=/dev/hda7 vga=791 clock=pit
initrd (hd0,4)/initrd
Save the changes to the file, exit Vi, and then restart the Linux-based virtual machine.


Discoverer shows down in Grid Control while up.

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Short one this time, all in favour of getting my green ‘pie’ in Grid Control management server.

Grid Control: Discoverer: 10.1.2.x
In Grid Control, after upgrade to, a Discoverer target shows down in the list, while it’s functioning quite well.

It seemed an old bug (Grid Ctrl 10.1.04) is still not […]

Object ODS.OID_RESPONSE_ARRAY_TYPE does not exist, Grid Control

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After installing Oracle Application Server, with corresponding OID, Grid Control gave me the obove mentioned error, and the the item OID gave a 'metric collection error'. To fix the metric collection error downloaded and applied Patch 5686191 on top of OID product.This is a sql-script to run against the OID-repository.

Grid Control , ora-27102, memory needed.

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Tried to prepare my – Grid Control for an upgrade to   See also .

Updated for example the shared_pool_size  as 128MB as minimum size (see below for other  recommended fixed parameter settings),  although I think it also will work while setting the sga_target. Changed the sga_max_size, […]

Status application server down in Grid Control, while all components are up.

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Platform:  application server on Suse Linux 9. Grid Control agent 10.2.04.

All components within the application server are up, but the home page of Grid Control showing it down.

Underlying cause: bug in discovering ports by the agent.  Agent discovering process gets Forms url Port from < HOME_IAS>/10.1.2/forms/server/target2add.xml. But this port […]

Crash Grid Control agent, too many open files;health check-error

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Agent ( crashes – on a site (64-bit) with many databases ( a lot, intermittently – , too many open files, emagent.trc gives ‘health check’ error

Agent gave messages – in the past – like this:

Number files opened by Agent is 1140.
These files appeared to be the $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/hc<instance>_.dat which is loaded […]

Grid Control, OMS : large number of defunct-processes

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On my Grid Control management-server (Suse Linux, OMS version a very large number of <defunct> processes arose what eventually caused the OMS not to respond anymore.

Looked like this:
oracle   16932 15961  0 Mar03 ?        00:00:00 <defunct>
oracle   16987 15961  0 Mar03 ?        00:00:00 <defunct>
oracle   17027 15961  0 […]

Every 5 seconds vpxoci-error in emagent.trc, ora-25228

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Noticed that the following error was popping up in the emagent.trc of a 10.2.04 – Grid Control-agent  on a specific node, every 5 seconds. Annoying, unnecessary:

2007-09-18 12:15:14 Thread-134875 ERROR vpxoci: Error on dequeue from SYS.ALERT_QUE: ORA-00604:
error occurred at recursive SQL level 1
ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error
ORA-06512: at line 30
ORA-25228: […]