iscsiadm discovery: no output with Openfiler.

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I was building my own Oracle RAC 11g cluster ( with Openfiler as my shared storage. Two VM's as my rac-cluster, one VM with Openfiler as my own SAN. Followed the instructions of the article of Jeffrey Hunter how to build a RAC on OEL and iSCSI, however this article is not based on VM. My Openfiler-VM was ready, given access to my both nodes on iSCSI-level, and now I want my rac1-node to discover the iSCSI-drives on my Openfiler.

Script for setting up ssh on RAC-nodes

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Finished a RAC-course with instructor Harald van Breederode. Noticed that he used a script for setting up ssh on the nodes. Short, powerful.

It started with a Misscount…

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For those who are not that interested in the whole story about RAC, GFS2, the misscount-parameter and Red Hat, I’ll give you the outcome: don’t use RAC (10 or 11) with GFS2 – Red Hat Cluster Suite, it’s a dead end road. For those who are interested, you’re invited…


Oracle RAC – Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues; by Alex Gorbachev

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Alex as a teacher. Fits him well. Part III of the trilogy about RAC. httpvh://

Oracle RAC – VIP Configuration Mistakes; by Alex Gorbachev

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A video tutorial on VIPs with Oracle RAC httpvh://

Oracle RAC – Why VIPs; by Alex Gorbachev

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A tutorial of using VIPs with RAC, from Alex Gorbachev httpvh://

Linux-mail failed with "name service error"

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And now for something quite different…. Some monitoring-scripts are  mailing to me, for example the backup-script (will do it later on in Grid Control….).  For a few nodes in the DMZ this didn’t work anymore. And actually I don’t want to know what is going on, but at the place I work there’s no Linux admin in the neighbourhood. So I can give it a try…

Appeared that the network-boys (no girls..) changed some configuration (mx-records or something like this).  Logging and “mailq” gave ‘Name service error’.

Suse 9, x64-bit.  Solution:


Hangende dbms_scheduler jobs na database down

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Een datawarehouse-achtige database heeft zo’n 278 scheduler_jobs lopen. Database gaat down voor onderhoud, blijft een avondje uit. Na opstarten van de database blijkt dat de next_run_date van de meeste jobs kleiner is dan de sysdate, en de jobs niets meer doen.


Monitoren van locks in een RAC-database

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Monitoren van locks in een RAC-database. Dit script geeft de 'waiters' en de 'lockers' aan per instance. Veel gebruik van gemaakt.

Tonen van gebruikte raw-devices in RAC omgeving

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Dit script toont de raw devices die al bezet zijn.