Upgrade 10gR2 ( to 11gR1 ( old timezone warning

Upgrade to Used sources at the bottom of this post.

What I’ve got is a simple database, no fancy options. Version – Suse Linux 10.1.-64-bit. Put a tree next to it, and patched this to

Started DBUA (whimp! 🙂 – Several warnings hit me, but 1 of them is serious: ‘old timezone file version’ :

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Sun JRE instead of Jinitiator with Forms and Webutil

Running Forms and Webutil with Sun Java 5.0.6 instead of Jinitiator.

And you know what:  it’s faster and has more functionality I’ve been told…
First you need the java-file. In this case: jre15006.exe.

Initially I found it hard to find on the site of Sun – didn’t even know the name of the file I was looking for…
Found it at http://www.muangyacctv.com/download/JAVA but if you keep searching the Sun-website, you will find it here:


Then: where shall I put the file? The application server expects the file in /forms/jinitiator.
In forms.conf this is defined as:
AliasMatch ^/forms/jinitiator/(..*) “/software/oracle/middle/jinit/$1”

Next thing is the configuration in formsweb.cfg (at the end of this post is the configuration what worked for me,
but first some explanation, quoted from some notes):

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Linux-mail failed with "name service error"

And now for something quite different…. Some monitoring-scripts are  mailing to me, for example the backup-script (will do it later on in Grid Control….).  For a few nodes in the DMZ this didn’t work anymore. And actually I don’t want to know what is going on, but at the place I work there’s no Linux admin in the neighbourhood. So I can give it a try…

Appeared that the network-boys (no girls..) changed some configuration (mx-records or something like this).  Logging and “mailq” gave ‘Name service error’.

Suse 9, x64-bit.  Solution:

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Tomcat 6.0.18-install /config on Suse 10.1 with Java 6.11 / 6.13

Tomcat, installation / configuration 6.0.18 with Sun, connection with Oracle db.

Never worked before with Tomcat, but an application-release needed to be upgraded from the old Tomcat 4.x to a higher level. So why not 6.0.18 with the latest Java, on Suse 10.1, 64-bits. How hard can it be?

Somewhat different than Oracle application server, but what the hack. With thanks to Timo Schijf, developer.

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Statspack.snap failed with ora-00001

Out of the blue, on Sun-Sparc 64-bit:

SQL> exec statspack.snap
BEGIN statspack.snap; END;
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00001: unique constraint (PERFSTAT.STATS$SQL_SUMMARY_PK) violated
ORA-06512: at “PERFSTAT.STATSPACK”, line 1148
ORA-06512: at “PERFSTAT.STATSPACK”, line 2134
ORA-06512: at “PERFSTAT.STATSPACK”, line 72
ORA-06512: at line 1

Cause: bug 2784796 , fixed in 10G ……. Solution:

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