DCM out of sync, after inserting ‘invalid’ character, app server

By | February 13th, 2009|Categories: App. Server|

Created a Java Container, inserted a large string of  startup-options (cut and paste from wordpad) in enterprise manager.  Saved, and from that moment on the application server refused to update the repository.   Commands like ‘opmnctl status’  didn’t work anymore, Enterprise Manager will not start etc. The old ‘dcmctl getstate -v -d’ showed me that all my containers were out of sync, either configuration and application. Happened a lot with the 9.0.4-version of the application server, but in on Linux?

It appeared to be that there was a ‘invalid’ character  in opmn.xml, in the line of the Java startup-option (damn’d Wordpad/MS).  No worry, updated opmn.xml, ‘dcmctl updateconfig’ and…. Unfortunately, this did’nt work either (ADMN-705024).  Stopping opmn, killing processe, starting? no. Note 577972.1 helped me out this time, with one interesting new point in it.


5MB limit on processing documents in application server

By | February 10th, 2009|Categories: App. Server|

Case:  some project is processing documents from a document-management system (Hummingbird) through a webservice on an Oracle application server ( Suse Linux 64-bits, version 9.

Documents with a size above 5MB are not processed, no errors in logging or what so ever (you would expect outofmemory somewhere..). Java options of the container OC4J_BI_FORMS has been raised to ” -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M “.  Service Request to Oracle.

Solution Oracle came up with  (and it worked!):