Grid Control, OMS : large number of defunct-processes

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On my Grid Control management-server (Suse Linux, OMS version a very large number of <defunct> processes arose what eventually caused the OMS not to respond anymore.

Looked like this:
oracle   16932 15961  0 Mar03 ?        00:00:00 <defunct>
oracle   16987 15961  0 Mar03 ?        00:00:00 <defunct>
oracle   17027 15961  0 […]

Time-outs in web-forms environment

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Always confused with time-outs in a web-forms environment, so I wrote it in very short terms down to be memorized. Note 549735.1
on Metalink is the best source by the way where it is explained what time-outs you can use best, in this kind of environments

Three parameters of vital importance:


Every 5 seconds vpxoci-error in emagent.trc, ora-25228

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Noticed that the following error was popping up in the emagent.trc of a 10.2.04 – Grid Control-agent  on a specific node, every 5 seconds. Annoying, unnecessary:

2007-09-18 12:15:14 Thread-134875 ERROR vpxoci: Error on dequeue from SYS.ALERT_QUE: ORA-00604:
error occurred at recursive SQL level 1
ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error
ORA-06512: at line 30
ORA-25228: […]

Connecting AS SYSDBA results in "Connected to idle instance"..

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Most of the time I don’t even think about how I connect to a database: set the environment – variables,  connect /as sysdba, and voila..

Then I ran into a node in which this was not as simple as I thought. Only connections through the listener were accepted. After serious investigation […]

Bad Hummingbird performance (doc.mgmt.system)? Upgrade to 10.2 !

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Hummingbird, the document management system, uses an Oracle database 91 on Sun at this company. Performance of several functions were very bad. 40 seconds to give me a document in some cases.  Bad sql-statements all over the place.

Installed a Linux system with on it, made an export on SUN of the user DOCSADMIN, moved it to the Linux machine, imported it and transformed the tnsnames on the DM-server of Hummingbird. Very straightforward.  It gave Hummingbird a performance-boost. The select statement of 40 sec went down to 2 seconds. Be aware: turn on the statistics on SYS ! This will be done automatically when you create a database with DBCA by the way.


Key-enter not working in dutrf65w.res

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On an application-server we have got FORMS with WEBUTIL and Headstart. It turned out that the key-enter didn’t work.


During Opatch rollback, error code 73: actions or inventory does not exist

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Almost not worthy to write it down, but I’m blogging, so go for it.. Grid Control agent gave some troubles,

patched this with Opatch. But it didn’t help, got wourse.

Decided to rollback the Opatch. Gave me “OPatch failed with error code 73” , actions or inventory does not exist.