Object ODS.OID_RESPONSE_ARRAY_TYPE does not exist, Grid Control

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After installing Oracle Application Server, with corresponding OID, Grid Control gave me the obove mentioned error, and the the item OID gave a 'metric collection error'. To fix the metric collection error downloaded and applied Patch 5686191 on top of OID product.This is a sql-script to run against the OID-repository.

Searching in source-code in Designer-repository

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Especially for those who loves Designer, or who are forced to work with it.. 🙁 ,  2 scripts to search in de source-code of Designer (version

Script 1 can be used for searching text-strings in the source of pl/sql in Designer.
Script 2 can be used to search for the use of column-names in modules.

Run this as the owner of the repository.

With thanks to Timo Schijf,  developer.

Script1 : Searching in  pl-sql code

set feedback off
set pages 50000
set lines 300
set trimspool on
set verify off

break on modulename skip 1

select name “Workareas:”
from sdd_workareas

accept workarea_name default ‘GLOBAL SHARED WORKAREA’ char prompt ‘Name of Workarea [Default: GLOBAL SHARED WORKAREA] : ‘

accept searchstring char prompt ‘Text-string : ‘

jr_context.set_workarea (’&&workarea_name’);

select distinct name “Applications in this workarea:”
from ci_application_systems


Adding a true-type font to Reports Services while running Reports deployed on the web

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Problem: A report, designed for generating PDF with the true-type font Univers in it, does not work while deployed on the web, and uses other fonts instead.
Cause: there’s no Univers installed in the Reports Services on Unix.
Solution: install the font and configure the Reports Service!  Sounds simple…

In the process of figuring this out, I had several error-messages, like rep-1352 (The fonts specified for this report cannot be found for the character set specified by NLS_LANG) , and rep-1 (nothing else…).
Took a lot of time to eliminate those errors, partly because there was a feature in the specified report what did’nt speed up the process of resolving this issue: embedded html. This caused for example the “rep-1”-error.

With special thanks to Marc Riesewijk, developer:

1. First, make a so called ‘AFM’-file of the font-files from your windows-client, which will be used to copy to the Linux-server.

In the case of Univers there are the following files in c:\windows\fonts: