Suse 10 and OAS, The Oracle at Delphi

Simple question:  is Oracle Application Server with Forms and Reports certified on Suse Linux 10.  The customer is forced to move to Suse 10, and is not quite happy to upgrade to, for that could have numerous consequences for Forms, Designer, Java etc.

The OTN-note about this implies it is not certified. But when you read this thoroughly, there’s an escape:

72     “Oracle Identity Management and OracleAS Metadata Repository” and “OracleAS Metadata Repository” installation types are not supported due to the fact that the 10gR1 database that comes with seeded Metadata Repository is not supported on this platform.

73     SLES 10 is supported with patchset and higher.  For additional information regarding installation, applicable patches, and operating system requirements please refer to MetaLink note number 947193.1 on My Oracle Support.


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Oracle RAC – Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues; by Alex Gorbachev

Alex as a teacher. Fits him well. To complete the trilogy about RAC.


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PHP Fatal error: Max execution time of 30 seconds exceeded

No database or other Oracle stuff this time. Close to Apache though.
Testing some large downloads with WordPress, and the download of a large file stopped round about 2.6GB.

The download is through http, so my first thought that it should be a time-out in Apache or what so ever. But in the Apache error-log it showes:
“PHP Fatal error:  Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in <my home – wordpress – plugin – directory>wp-e-commerce/wp-shopping-cart.old.php on line 1179”

30 seconds? Download stopped after more than an hour!


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