While migrating discoverer sso-connections, ‘ssomig’ hangs

Helped a collegae who was migrating a discoverer configuration to another node with a different version (from 10.1.2 to 10.1.4) with now a 10.2 – infrastructure database in a separate home. The OID-users were already successfully migrated, with a little help of the example-script here, but one of the problems was that discoverer didn’t use the single-sign on. The other was that the private and public connection users had made, had disappeared.

By enabling Single Sign-On for Discoverer (is not default when installed) the first problem had been solved:


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Just another RMAN backup-script for Windows

I was asked to deliver a backup-script for a windows-database – really ! However I’m not an o.s.-scripting guru at all and certainly not on Windows, I came to the following. It looks a lot like the one I use on Linux, just tried to translate it into a .cmd-file. The challenge was to get it in one-command file.
I noticed there  are a lot of RMAN backup-scripts, but not very much executed from a cmd-file:


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