Param ‘_datafile_write_errors_crash_instance’ , TRUE or FALSE?

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Since there's a new parameter, "_datafile_write_errors_crash_instance" to prevent the intance to crash when a write error on a datafile occurs. But.. should I use this or not.

Multipath timeout issues with extended – cluster setup

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With this setup we are facing the issue that if we loose a complete SAN, the IO’s to the ASM diskgroups will be blocked for approx 3 till 4 minutes. Oracle does not like this. After 70 seconds after a freeze, rdbms is starting to reboot (expected behaviour).

Red Hat 6 and Oracle, status of certification

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Red Hat 6 has been there a while, so what about certification with Oracle? Nothing on the Oracle support site, no press releases (maybe I missed one..). But Red Hat finally gave the answer in her Red Hat news - blog