My RAC project with Openfiler, part II – grid infrastructure and database

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This is the second post of my little project of building my own RAC on my Windows7-desktop (64-bits, 8GB RAM), using 3 VM’s (VM-workstation , 7.1.3 build-324285) : * 2 VM’s for two RAC-nodes, based on OEL 5.5, for infra, and database. * 1 VM as my own SAN, based on Openfiler 2.3 (free), for ASM.

My RAC project with Openfiler, part I – Openfiler

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My current job doesn’t offer me at the moment the opportunity to play with RAC or other stuff, so I decided to build my own RAC on my Windows7-desktop (64-bits, 8GB RAM), using 3 VM’s (VM-workstation , 7.1.3 build-324285) : * 2 VM’s for two RAC-nodes, based on OEL 5.5, for infra, and database. * 1 VM as my own SAN, based on Openfiler 2.3, for ASM.

Prerequisite-check fails on installing infrastructure: ORCL:VOL1 is not a valid path

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While installing a grid - infrastructure on my own RAC-cluster (VMware), using ASM with Openfiler as by own SAN, the prerequisite-check fails at step 15 with : PRVF-5150 : Path ORCL:VOL1 is not a valid path on all nodes

Unable to load module oracleasm with the ‘init’ command

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While building my own RAC on two VM's, using a third VM with Openfiler on it as my SAN, I had to dowload, install, configure and load ASMLIB. Loading didn't seem to go smoothly at my own project. First I analyzed what I did, steps I took

iscsiadm discovery: no output with Openfiler.

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I was building my own Oracle RAC 11g cluster ( with Openfiler as my shared storage. Two VM's as my rac-cluster, one VM with Openfiler as my own SAN. Followed the instructions of the article of Jeffrey Hunter how to build a RAC on OEL and iSCSI, however this article is not based on VM. My Openfiler-VM was ready, given access to my both nodes on iSCSI-level, and now I want my rac1-node to discover the iSCSI-drives on my Openfiler.

Script for setting up ssh on RAC-nodes

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Finished a RAC-course with instructor Harald van Breederode. Noticed that he used a script for setting up ssh on the nodes. Short, powerful.

It started with a Misscount…

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For those who are not that interested in the whole story about RAC, GFS2, the misscount-parameter and Red Hat, I’ll give you the outcome: don’t use RAC (10 or 11) with GFS2 – Red Hat Cluster Suite, it’s a dead end road. For those who are interested, you’re invited…


Save money by understanding the Oracle licensing model

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At several companies I worked for, there was a lot of confusion about the licensing model of Oracle. The general feeling was that they paid too much for their use of Oracle products, and they were not certain of their compliancy. This post will try to give some clarity about this issue.

Rewrite in Apache does not work anymore

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Installed an Apache on Suse Linux 10. Configured httpd.conf including a rewrite rule in a virtual host. No configuration errors, but it did not work at all! After a while I discovered that the mod-rewrite module had been installed, but not enabled with this version of Apache (2.2.x).

While migrating discoverer sso-connections, ‘ssomig’ hangs

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Helped a collegae who was migrating a discoverer configuration to another node with a different version (from 10.1.2 to 10.1.4) with now a 10.2 – infrastructure database in a separate home. The OID-users were already successfully migrated, with a little help of the example-script here, but one of the problems was that discoverer didn’t use the single-sign on. The other was that the private and public connection users had made, had disappeared.