My project with Dbvisit Standby – basics

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A while ago I made a promise to take a look at the product Dbvisit, found out this is not the product, but just the firm Dbvisit. The product I’m about to install is called officially ‘Dbvisit Standby‘. There’s also a product called ‘Dbvisit replicate’.
I didn’t really know about the product, not related to it, but it was buzzing around that it’s a cheap and a well working alternative for a high available environment with Oracle Standard Edition in stead of the Enterprise Edition with Data Guard.
So my first project (this post) is just to install a lab environment and get it working. The second project should be the real thing, testing the availability and the easiness of administration and monitoring.

What will I do for this part of the project (working from scratch with the latest versions – at the time of writing – of Oracle Linux and VirtualBox…):

1. Create two VM’s (VirtualBox with Oracle Linux 6)
2. Install Dbvisit Standby
3. Configure Dbvisit Standby
4. Get it going!

And not surprisingly, the preparation took most of the time:


Maken van een fysieke standby-database in Oracle Standard-Edition, zonder Data Guard.

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Een klant heeft een LIMS-database (Laboratorium-pakket), Oracle Standard Edition op Windows. Voor weinig geld moet de beschikbaarheid verhoogd worden. Gekozen wordt voor een fysieke standby database, waarbij dus geen gebruik gemaakt kan worden van Data Guard. Gebruikte bronnen: - 'You probably don-t need Data Guard' by Niall Litchfield,