And now for something quite different…. Some monitoring-scripts are  mailing to me, for example the backup-script (will do it later on in Grid Control….).  For a few nodes in the DMZ this didn’t work anymore. And actually I don’t want to know what is going on, but at the place I work there’s no Linux admin in the neighbourhood. So I can give it a try…

Appeared that the network-boys (no girls..) changed some configuration (mx-records or something like this).  Logging and “mailq” gave ‘Name service error’.

Suse 9, x64-bit.  Solution:

Command I use for mailing to me:   ‘  cat <doc> | mailx -s “backup-result node x” <mail-recipient>  ‘

The nodes in the DMZ appeared to have no DNS (tried ‘nslookup’ for example). The mail used is postfix (ps -ef |grep postfix).

configuration in /etc/postfix/  mentioned:

” relayhost = “

This mailserver was also configured in /etc/hosts:        mailserver

What was lacking:

disable_dns_lookups =yes    in /etc/postfix/

reboot or reload postfix (root):

‘postfix stop / start ‘

or ‘postfix reload’ .

And in business again…