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Signing jar-files

A project is using Sferyx in Webforms, and the file HTMLEditorLight.jar is used. But 'copy and paste' from outside the form to the editor is not working. Cause: the jar-file need to be signed. To sign a jar-file the tools 'keytool' and 'jarsigner' is needed. But... why not use a script from e.g. webutil: With a few adjustments it's a quite common, usable script.

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Crash Grid Control agent, too many open files;health check-error

Agent ( crashes – on a site (64-bit) with many databases ( a lot, intermittently – , too many open files, emagent.trc gives ‘health check’ error Agent gave messages – in the past – like this: Number files opened by Agent is 1140. These files appeared to be the $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/hc<instance>_.dat which is loaded a lot

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Internet Explorer crashes with Oracle forms / Jinitiator

Problem: when running form modules using Internet Explorer and JInitiator 1.3.1.x, the browser window opens and crashes immediately before the applet starts. When using Mozilla Firefox, there’s no problem at all. Several notes on Metalink about this:  602001.1, 430359.1, 550301.1 The issue does not occur when using Sun JRE version 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6.

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