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Creating PDF’s with PL/SQL and itext

There are several ways to create PDF's, on the client (e.g. PDFCreator) or on the middletier. But to create PDF's merely with packages in the database, that's another story. Even Apex uses some Java on the middletier. The product PLPDF on the other hand is a well known utility which provides this functionality (using open-source 'itext'), but.. you have to pay for this. So why not do it ourselves with itext, open-source (answer: a lot of work and knowledge of Java...).

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Create virtual host with Webcache on OAS

Creating Virtual Host with Webcache and HTTP-server. Not that high-tech, but takes quite a lot of small steps, and must be done without taking risks in a production environment. I did this with Enterprise Manager, while I did not completely rely on my abilities on updating the $ORACLE_HOME/webcache/webcache.xml ..... , and eventually I had to hand it over to the production-DBA.

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Updating sequences, the Developer's way

As a DBA it's quite common to update sequences by altering the increment of the sequence temporarily. Therefore it's nice to know how Developers are  acting with the problem that a sequence is not in line with the corresponding id of a table. Just another view on this matter, kind a liked it.. declare v_num

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