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Logrotating of files like default-web-access.log with help of Linux

What to do about the ever growing files on Oracle application server as: - default-web-access.log - server.log and more.. These files are not logrotated (OAS < 10.1.3 ) and cannot always be deleted or renamed manually on a 'normal' way, and it must be scripted to avoid extraordinary large log-files. Quite annoying, until Frits Hoogland pointed me to a standard Linux-functionality, 'logrotate'.

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Apex, HTTP-404 while clicking ‘application builder’

Apex, version, on a is working fine for some time. Then, while clicking the 'application builder' home-page, we got the 'page not found'-error in the browser. Logging of Apache shows: mod_plsql: /pls/apex_schd/f HTTP-404 ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel\n mod_plsql: Unable to reset state for mode 0: Err 3114 url=>/pls/apex_schd/f

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