I was building my own Oracle RAC 11g cluster ( with Openfiler as my shared storage. Two VM’s as my rac-cluster, one VM with Openfiler as my own SAN (not using the applicance, used the iso-file).  Followed the instructions of the article of Jeffrey Hunter how to build a RAC on OEL and iSCSI, however this article is not based on VM. Will publish my experiences later on.

My Openfiler-VM (named it ‘Openfiler1’) was ready, given access to my both nodes on iSCSI-level, and now I want my rac1-node to discover the iSCSI-drives on my Openfiler-VM.

Command I used on node ‘rac1’, where ‘openfiler1’ is my Openfiler-VM, on a privileged network:

iscsiadm -m discovery -t st –p openfiler1-priv

No output at all!  After some investigation it turned out  that the file /etc/initiator.deny on Openfiler1 acts as the bad guy . Commented out all the lines in this file, did a ‘service iscsi-target restart’ on Openfiler-VM, tried to discover again on my rac1-node and there’s my output:,1 iqn.2006-01.com.openfiler:racdb.data1,1 iqn.2006-01.com.openfiler:racdb.fra1,1 iqn.2006-01.com.openfiler:racdb.crs1

Working like designed! A bit sloppy of Openfiler…