Just a quick note about day 1 at Oracle Open World. This Sunday traditionally is filled with presentations of usergroups, customers and product management, and at the end of the day the welcome-keynote. In the presentations there’s not really exciting news, they will have to wait until the keynotes. But some observations can be done already.


The big news at the keynote – The Autonomous Database –  was not that big anymore, Larry Ellison announced it a week ago, I did a wrap up yesterday.

Quite a summary of the keynote has been written by businessinsider,

The most important slide of the keynote regarding the changing role of the DBA is included in this post : Less time on Administration, more time on innovation. Oracle 18c requires no DBA, is highly available, and autotune queries.


So what about the presentations I went to at Sunday. Just a few observations (very limited in scope of course):

– The phrase ‘Single Pane of Glass’, which was used for Enterprise Manager 13c a while ago, is now being used at the Oracle Management Cloud (OMC). The context and scope is howerver quite different, OMC is strategically meant for monitoring and managing a complete hybrid cloud environment, including Azure, Amazon and the on-premises environment.

– The word ‘management’ has been inserted in the slides of OMC. Not just monitoring anymore. What are the consequences for Oracle Enterprise Manager?

– Security is on the agenda

– Machine Learning is trending.

– Some services are barely present at this OpenWorld:  Oracle Enterprise Manager, Exa-systems (not the cloud service), Weblogic platform, Oracle Database Appliance, in summary a lot of hardware and on-premises management. And when hardware is mentioned it is just a step to the final goal: the cloud. With one big exception: the Oracle Cloud Machine for Cloud@Customer.

– A lot of sessions with one theme: journey to the cloud.


Mentioned it before, just a quick note for now. Regardz


Announcement autonomous database: https://www.jobacle.nl/?p=1780

Business insider: https://www.businessinsider.nl/oracle-18c-database-patch-cybersecurity-flaws-2017-10/?international=true&r=US