At Monday Oracle Open World really starts. A whole lot of general sessions with announcements and strategic directions on product / service level. In this post I’ll try to summarize the highlights of this day. Quite hard, there are a whole lot of interesting sessions which overlap. Always the feeling I’m missing something. And a very interesting session at the very end of the day as a surprise.

It started with the keynote of Mark Hurd, no big news, or it must be the revisiting of his predictions a year ago. This holds true:

– By 2025 the number of corporate-owned data centers will decrease by 80%

– 80% of production apps will be in the cloud by 2025


Hardware : not shouting out loud, but there’s a new generation of

– Engineered systems, the X7 line. Engineered for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (but also for on-premises)

– Sparc servers with the Sparc M8 processor.


As mentioned earlier, Oracle Management Cloud is becoming more dominant as ‘single pane of glass’.


Software : Wim Coekaerts

– Solaris will be supported and developed for a long time !


Oracle Kubernetes Cloud is started!

A few slides about key announcements I really can’t judge by it’s value:



The last session was about new features of Database 18c (december 2017), quite interesting. A few enhancements:

– Performance enhancements by low latency memory transactions, non-volatile memory support, in-memory column store improvements. Mainly for OLTP and IOT workload improvements.

– For Data Warehousing and Big Data are new features as In-Memory for external tables, Machine learning algorithmen, alter table merge function.

– Per-PDB switchover

– Centrally managed users in Active Directory

– Improved JSON support

– Centrally Managed Users Directly in Active Directory

Foto 02-10-17 18 16 40 (1)

– A REST API to provide instance management and monitoring

– Official Docker support (except RAC, is coming)

– SQLCI got more attention

– Gold Images as new Installation Approach, as zip-, tarfile, docker image, virtual box. Installation through RPM.

– First quarter 2018 18c XE is launched. Including PDB’s, probably 2GB, 2 CPU, 12GB storage (compressed, net 40GB). Meant for students, Proof of Concepts, not for production.

Foto 02-10-17 18 27 40 (2)