After the upgrade of the 12c central agent to 13c, I noticed the new central agent’s home located under the wrong – old agent – directory: /u01/app/oracle/agent12c/agent_13. Must have done something wrong. How to correct this? Want to move the directory to /u01/app/oracle/agent13c/. A very short blog to describe the two steps.

It’s a bit hidden away in the documentation (in the appendixes) but there’s a special procedure to do this, and it worked like a charm for me.

So, /u01/app/oracle/agent12c/agent_13.  should be /u01/app/oracle/agent13c/agent_13.

Step 1:  Create a list of plugins by using this command:

/u01/app/oracle/agent12c/agent_13.      /u01/app/oracle/agent12c/agent_13. -instancehome /u01/app/oracle/agent12c/agent_inst/

A file /u01/app/oracle/agent12c/plugins.txt is created, used by the next command.


Step 2: Creating a new base directory for agent13c – where I didn’t need to stop the agent by the way, that’s all included in the script:

/u01/app/oracle/agent12c/agent_13. /u01/app/oracle/agent12c/agent_13. -instanceHome /u01/app/oracle/agent12c/agent_inst -newAgentBaseDir /u01/app/oracle/agent13c

Post actions to be done:

  • Run from /u01/app/oracle/agent13c/agent_13. manually
  • Deinstall (rm -R) agent home /u01/app/oracle/agent12c/agent_13. manually

And that’s it! Sometimes life is easy.




Moving the central agent base directory :