Recently I attended a webinar about Oracle virtualization, given by Oracle Linux – product management.

A few highlights of this webinar:

  • KVM is included in Oracle Linux 7 with UEK R5 (Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel release 5)
  • There’s a separate Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager (OLVM) developed, based on Open Source oVirt, available on with premier support.
  • OLVM 4.2.8 (where does this version number come from….) has the same features as OracleVM 3.4 including snapshot-functionality
  • Covered under the Hard Partitioning Policy – that means you can ‘pin’ on cores (but no overfailing allowed in that case), same as OracleVM.
  • Integrated in Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.4 (not released yet as I recall).
  • OracleVM 3.x Premier Support ends on March 2021, followed by lifetime sustaining support. No mentioning of a next version.
  • There are migration paths and tools.
  • Advice from Oracle: for existing users, continue to use OracleVM, for new workloads consider Oracle Linux VM.
  • Install by using YUM – should be under 10 minutes:

Below also some slides. For specific questions regarding OracleVM on engineered systems (e.g. ODA) Oracle advised us to contact the engineered systems product-group.

The switch to KVM is quite understandable, and it means less effort for Oracle to maintain a separate product like OracleVM- except perhaps for the Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager. For customers it means unfortunately another change in their Oracle environment.







– Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager:

– Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager:

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