A brief note this time. I checked the release-planning of the Oracle databases the other day (Doc ID 742060.1), and to my big surprise I noticed that the database version will be supported till the end of 2022 through an added Error Correction level: ‘Paid Market Driven Support’.

The release and support planning according to the support note 174060.1 is in the picture above this article. The green bar is the unexpected one.

What is this Paid Market Driven Support anyway?

Oracle has a document written about this, and the level is added in the Technical Support Policies. It’s offered by Oracle Advanced Customer Services. Some highlights:


Jan 2021 to Dec 2021

Jan 2022 to Dec 2022

The support offered:

1. Severity 1 fixes and critical security patches as follows:

a. Workarounds and/or fixes for Severity 1 service requests (“SRs”) delivered by Oracle through My Oracle Support using commercially reasonable efforts.


b. Periodic critical security patches and updates, on a schedule determined by Oracle, provided solely at Oracle’s discretion for issues that potentially pose a Severity 1 business risk, and subject to the limitations defined below.

2. One database upgrade planning workshop (“Workshop”) that includes:

a. Two remote sessions to present an overview of the new features included in the Oracle Database release 19c or higher that is covered by Software Update License & Support; and

b. Guidance and advice delivered remotely by Oracle regarding Your Oracle Database upgrade preparation and planning, limited to four participants named by You.

3. An assigned Technical Account Manager (TAM) that serves as an escalation point of contact for assistance with patch download or installation issues.

Apparently there are too many customers still running production with, and in this way they will be assisted by Oracle with the upgrade to an higher version (or the Cloud..).

What does it costs?

I couldn’t find any prices, but as this is offered by Advanced Customer Services, the rule applies for Advanced Customer support in the pricelist (as I see it):

Advanced Customer Support is designed to provide an enhanced level of support to Oracle customers. Advanced Customer Support delivers tailored, flexible support solutions built to meet the customers’ specific business requirements. Advanced Customer Support customers have the flexibility to purchase standard or combine standard services with specific offerings to provide a full solution.

Contact your local Support Sales representative for Advanced Customer Support information and pricing.


Paid Market Driven Support: https://www.oracle.com/a/ocom/docs/ds-mds-database-11g-r2.pdf

Oracle technical support policies: http://www.oracle.com/us/support/library/057419.pdf

Technology price list: https://www.oracle.com/assets/technology-price-list-070617.pdf