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Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c and Always On Monitoring

In this cloud-era it’s almost weird to explore stuff on-premises, but I did….  In this case a slightly Higher Availibility configuration of Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) that doesn’t  cost anything, is not disruptive to the existing configuration and gives a tiny bit more confidence during patching of OEM : Always On Monitoring (AOM).  Maybe a

By |2022-04-30T20:23:27+02:00July 19th, 2020|grid control, Oracle Enterprise Manager|0 Comments

SQLDeveloper user preferences in a Citrix environment

Installing software in a Citrix-environment is sometimes a hassle. You have to handover the software, installation- and test-documentation to the scripters and hope for the best. In this case I handed over SQLDeveloper 19.4 as a pretty default installation, very simple and scripting for Citrix is is not that hard too. Scripter tested it, I

By |2022-04-30T20:24:12+02:00July 8th, 2020|Sqldeveloper|0 Comments

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