Knowabouts regarding C# webservices connecting Oracle database

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A java-progam (.jar) is calling a webservice, written in C#. I'm able to unzip the jarfile to detect which service it is calling, but how do I know the service is listening to that name? Especially it's not documented and I don't have a clue about the name of the wsdl-file. A webservice, written in C#, is calling an Oracle Database. Oracle 9i client has been installed. Message appears: "System.Data.OracleClient requires Oracle client software version 8.1.7 or greater".

Grid Control: number of active connections is….

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After installing and configuring application server, the agent on that server started to sent messages like 'The number of active connections is ..' . But.. there are no connections yet on the system (as far as I know)! Grid Control (OMS + agent) = 10.2.05, application server

OID gives status NONE. Error: sgslunlListen: Bind Failed On Communication Endpoint

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Installed and configured application server  on VM-ware with guest-OS Suse Linux 9. All worked fine, until a (hard) reboot by system admin. OID can’t connect to the default port 13060.

Error in $ORACLE_HOME/ldap/log/oidldapd01.log :

“Bind Failed On Communication Endpoint”  and “Dispatcher Process unable to bind to port”

Because it was a rough […]

Discoverer shows down in Grid Control while up.

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Short one this time, all in favour of getting my green ‘pie’ in Grid Control management server.

Grid Control: Discoverer: 10.1.2.x
In Grid Control, after upgrade to, a Discoverer target shows down in the list, while it’s functioning quite well.

It seemed an old bug (Grid Ctrl 10.1.04) is still not […]