Red Hat 6 has been there a while, so what about certification with Oracle and when? Nothing yet on the Oracle support site, no press releases (maybe I missed one..). But Red Hat had a blog-post about it a while ago (august 2011):

We’re pleased to announce that on Tuesday, August 9, we formally submitted to Oracle full certification test results of the Oracle 11gR2 database (Single Instance and RAC (including ASM) for x86 and x86-64) on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. Oracle database certification is a self-certification program whereby operating system vendors perform extensive testing and submit the results to Oracle for audit and approval.

The certification process we conducted with Oracle 11gR2 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is the same process we have successfully completed a number of times with earlier Red Hat Enterprise Linux releases.  With those releases, Oracle’s certification approval process took about six weeks from the day we submitted test results to Oracle to the day that Oracle posted the certification on their MetaLink support site (  Based on this experience, we would expect certification of the 11gR2 database on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 to occur sometime in CYQ4 of this year.  We look forward to Oracle’s response and to working with them to complete this certification process.  In the interim, customers may also contact Oracle directly for updates on the certification status at

In addition to the certification testing described above, we perform ongoing and extensive testing on Oracle 11gR2 at every minor release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Consequently, we confidently recommend the deployment of Oracle 11gR2 in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 production environments today.

You may find this newsbulletin also here.

The next move is up to Oracle… Certification by the end of september 2011?

—–> … follow up , end of January, 2012:

Created an SR with the question when RHEL 6 will be certified.

Hi ,

Greetings from Oracle !!

“Certification is driven by base development team with field (customer) inputs, product feature survey, market situation and requirement with company growth plan and product management feedback. Thus, any new certification if done would be worked to reflect (by development) in the MOS certify tab directly.

The RHEL 6 is not yet certified with any Oracle RDBMS software.

For immediate reference, you could refer the document: Locate Database Server Certification Information on My Oracle Support (Doc ID 1295603.1)”
Also , refer :- Database Client or Database Server Install on Red Hat 6 (RHEL6) [ID 1350000.1]
Unfortunately there is no ETA as of now .

The mentioned document 13250000.1 is stating:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (RHEL6) and Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 (OEL6) are not certified or supported for use with any Database version.


At the time of the last update of this article (21-Dec-2011), RHEL6 and OEL6 are not certified or supported for use with any Database version.  Be sure to use only certified/supported combinations of Database version and OS version, which you can find under the Certifications tab of My Oracle Support (MOS).  No speculation about when RHEL6 / OEL6 will be certified will be made, and it is possible it will never be certified.  The Certify information on MOS is the only official source for Oracle certification.

—–> …follow up, 31 january, 2012:

Red Hat announces an extended lifecycle (support) of version 5 and 6, from 7 to 10 years:

Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced it has extended the production lifecycle of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6 from seven to 10 years in response to enterprise customer demand. Enterprise customers now have additional deployment alternatives for their Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system implementations as they plan the future of their strategic IT deployments.

The full news-flash can be read here.