Since the birth of the ODA X6-2 HA, the net usable storage has become more of a challenge when advising a customer as the X5-2 HA had substantial more – but slower – storage.

This very short blogpost is just a quick summary / checklist of the net usable storage, depending on the ODA’s – including the single node ODA’s – and the mirroring you choose.

For other ODA-comparisons than storage I wrote another blogpost.

The following pictures are extracts of Oracle PDF’s.

Usable storage of the single node ODA’s:


Usable storage of the two-node ODA (including the ‘old’ X5-2 HA for comparison):


ODA X6-2 HA Normal Redundancy – 2 x Mirroring


ODA X6-2 HA High Redundancy – 3 x Mirroring



ODA, comparing the line:

Oracle PDF’s :

– 201701120 EN Oracle Database Appliance X6-2 Portfolio Summary.pdf

– ODA X6-2HA Net Storage.pdf