Oracle licensing is mostly a substantial part of the costs of running Oracle software. And every change in the Oracle environment, whether it is about new hardware, going to the cloud, or up- or down- scaling, licensing is involved. And knowledge about Oracle licensing is needed to save costs or avoid being incompliant. Over the years I posted some knowledge about Oracle licensing and costs.

And…..  I decided to categorize these posts at .  Starting with some general knowledge, and categorized it by posts about Oracle Database Appliances (ODA), Unlimited License Agreement (ULA), JAVA, Cloud, Oracle Linux, VMware and so on. In these posts are links to external resources included as well.

Please also read the short disclaimer regarding the content of these blogposts.

General knowledge about Oracle licensing

Presumably my first post about Oracle licensing:

Save money by understanding the Oracle licensing model – part I:

Subjects in this posts:

  • Difference Full Use / Hosting
  • Licensing development and testing environment
  • Prices and contract
  • Databases species, e.g. XE, personal, SE and EE.
  • Types of licenses
  • Processor / NUP / Employee based
  • Which kind of Support

The second part is already a bit more specialized.

Saving money by understanding Oracle licenses – Part II:

Subjects in this part:

  • ULA – Unlimited License Agreement
  • Cloud, Bring Your Own license.
  • SE2
  • Engineered systems
  • Virtualization
  • Enterprise Manager
  • OracleVM and Oracle Linux
  • Disaster Revovery

Difference between Spatial (paid) and Locator (free): License incompliancy while using Oracle Locator

The pricelist is in dollars, but how is the exchange rate calculated: How Oracle handles the Exchange rate

Do you need to license a development and test environment:  Development and test environment

You can save a lot of money by stopping support, but is it wise: Consequences of stopping support

A special topic about SE (not SE2) and VMware: How many NUP’s you really need?

Unlimited License Agreement

When Oracle tries to sell an Unlimited License Agreement: Questions when considering an ULA (Unlimited License Agreement)

Oracle Database Appliance

Is it possible to license ODA on different metrics (NUP / processor) : Licensing ODA on NUP’s ?

A discussion about Oracle SE2 and ODA HA: The bare minimum of licensing an ODA X7-2

Do you have to pay Oracle Linux support per VM or per physical (ODA-)node: Oracle Linux on virtualized ODA : paying support per VM ?


How to calculate Oracle licensing in Azure, with or without hyperthreading:  Oracle, Azure Cloud and licensing with hyperthreading enabled.

A small comparison / experience with the TCO calculators of AWS and Oracle. Oracle has changed the calculator in the meantime, so the post may be a bit outdated: TCO cloud calculator Oracle and AWS

What kind of hassle do you have to cope with, technical and business-wise, when going to the cloud?:  Public Cloud consequences with an Oracle environment

Some thoughts about BYOL, PaaS and hosting licenses: Oracle licenses and the cloud

Oracle Linux

When buying Oracle Hardware, Oracle Linux, but: What kind of Oracle Linux support on Oracle hardware is included

Running RedHat Linux, and getting support from Oracle!:  Migrating Red Hat Linux subscription to Oracle

Java SE

Java licensing is changing rapidly : Java SE licensing

Enterprise manager

Do you need a management pack for monitoring:  Oracle licenses needed while monitoring your (non-)Oracle environment

Is it possible to keep an eye on your licenses with OEM: Keeping track of licenses with OEM12c

How to configure chargeback in OEM: Chargeback with OEM13c

The BI-publishing reports for licenses in OEM: Usage tracking reports in OEM13c