I passed the 1Z0-932- exam, known as “Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2018 Architect Associate”. This was not a ‘walk in the park’ (for me), so I decided to share some experiences of my preparations. What not to do and what definitely should be done. I already had some experience with the Oracle cloud, but not the way this exam needs. These kind of exams are always quite tricky in the way they are defining their answers…

What did I do to pass this exam?

The ‘holy grail’, my truth, is the study-guide. In here you will find basically all the things you need:

    1. What in scope, and what not. Very important, because the functionality of the Oracle Cloud is a moving target, and in fact you are learning ‘old’ stuff.
    2. Links to official Oracle youtube-stuff with OCI – level 100 and 200. Very good.
    3. Link to a practice exam (I failed the first time… ).
    4. Links to blogs and white papers, which is very recommendable to read.

A 30 days trial of Oracle cloud.  With this you can practice a lot, and this is much advisable. Creating and configuring VCN, subnets, DRG’s, route tables, security lists, VM’s , autonomous database etc. The 300 dollar you get for free should be enough to fulfill your needs. Especially when you switch off your VM’s when not needed. But… 30 days are gone in a blink of an eye when you’re having fun or when you are running out of time.

When you are a partner of Oracle you may request a ‘demo’ – environment. Create (if not already there) an Oracle account, connect this to your company id (https:\\partnerstore.oracle.com)  and agree the terms. Then send a mail-request to partner-demos_ww@oracle.com.

Before I was fully aware of the right study-guide I decided to follow an Udemy-course of Deepak Brahmbhatt, part I and II.   Is this needed? Probably not, but it helped and I did it as a first step.

The instructor is quite good, speaks English quite well, and gives very good demo’s, but has a great disadvantage. Oracle Cloud is rapidly changing, and the exam too – and he is on his own. For example, in October 2018 the GUI changed of the menu. He had to make a new video throughout his courses to make us aware of this, and there were other video’s clearly edited.

On the other hand: you can ‘prove’ that you studied your exam, you will get a certification of completion of the time you spent 🙂

Regardz and good luck!