Platform:  application server on Suse Linux 9. Grid Control agent 10.2.04.

All components within the application server are up, but the home page of Grid Control showing it down.

Underlying cause: bug in discovering ports by the agent.  Agent discovering process gets Forms url Port from < HOME_IAS>/10.1.2/forms/server/target2add.xml. But this port is not the expected port.

Two actions:

I – changed port in targets.xml in agent-home.

1. Check what is the real port for Forms application url (e.g. 7779 in stead of 7778, you can see this in the home-page of the middle-tier in Grid Control), this is  the Oracle HTTP Server Listen port, take the portlist.ini (if you are sure nothing has changed), or in httpd.conf, or through the Grid Control, search for ports in the http-section.

2. Edit <GRID_AGENT_HOME>/sysman/emd/targets.xml

For Target TYPE=”oracle_forms”  change the port in parameter :  Property NAME=”ServletUrl” — In my case from 7778 to 7779.

3. Restart the agent then check if Forms status change in grid control.

II – Changed port in targets.xml in midtier.

1. Navigate to “$ORACLE_HOME /sysman/emd” and open the “targets.xml” file.

2. Find the line reffering to the “ServletUrl” property. It should look like this:
<Property NAME=”ServletUrl” VALUE=”http://<HOST>:<PORT>/forms/lservlet”/>

3. In the above line replace the PORT with the Oracle HTTP Server Listen port).

5. Save and close the targets.xml

6. Run the following command: “opmnctl reload”

7. Run the following command “opmnctl restartproc process-type=HTTP_Server” – or restart through the Enterprise Manager.

8. Test a couple of times the status of the “Forms” component in Enterprise Manager by refreshing the data (In the EM page on the upper right)

But remember: actions like ‘agent -ca’ (rediscovering) may cause this to do the actions above again…

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