Installed and configured application server  on VM-ware with guest-OS Suse Linux 9. All worked fine, until a (hard) reboot by system admin. OID can’t connect to the default port 13060.

Error in $ORACLE_HOME/ldap/log/oidldapd01.log :

“Bind Failed On Communication Endpoint”  and “Dispatcher Process unable to bind to port”

Because it was a rough shutdown, I cleaned up all the necessary things like ods.ods_process, state-directory, ‘netstat -a’ etc., all the things the note 329808.1 (Troubleshooting OID) also is mentioning.  Ldapbind still didn’t want to connect.

Even thought of note 444873, about not setting the ‘setuid’ on the mountpoint, and checking the firewall. Permissions of the files perhaps…

Eventually I just ran $ORACLE_HOME/ again in the ORACLE_HOME of the infra. Problem solved…. Aaargh !! How on earth is it possible!  Most likely I made a mistake while installing (I was root too at that moment) and ran only at the middle-tier. Can’t think of any other reason for the time being unfortunately.

Had to be sleeping at the time, or just getting old..  No comment on the last remark please 🙂