A java-progam (.jar) is calling a webservice, written in C#. I’m able to unzip the jarfile or load it in JDeveloper to detect which service it is calling, but how do I know the service is listening to that name? Especially it’s not documented and I don’t have a clue about the name of the wsdl-file.

But, I’m an administrator, and in my case I’m able to log in on the Windows-server where the webservice reside. And I’m looking for a service which might be called ‘HummingBirdService’.
– Start –> run –> inetmgr
– The Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager is started.
– Browse to the tree below the node-name, to ‘Web Sites’ –> ‘Default Web Site’ –>and (yes!)  ‘HummingBirdServices’.
(when you rightclick this by the way, the directory of the files on the right side is shown at the button ‘properties’)
– On the right side of this window the file ‘HummingBirdServiceHost.svc’ resides .
– Right click on this filename (still in the inetmgr !) and choose browse…
A browser opens and the method to call your service is shown by means of an URL.


A webservice, written in C#, is calling an Oracle Database. Oracle 9i client has been installed.
Message appears: “System.Data.OracleClient requires Oracle client software version 8.1.7 or greater”.

What is missing here is the data provider for .NET. The standard is missing that option.
To correct this: download the ODAC-install for 9i here (at the bottom of the page the last time I looked). This is a which includes the data provider for .NET.
Then install (custom option, same home as the standard the oracle data provider for .NET in oracle