Customer using Webforms, Application Server with Jinitiator on the client. Planning to upgrade the client to Java 6.17 / 6.18, so these java-versions are already installed on the clients. We’re testing the java-configuration on the web-server (formsweb.cfg), but production still works with the old Jinitiator.

Also the customer is using Firefox, 3.5 in this case, and Internet Explorer (6!). Suddenly the application does not work anymore for a lot of clients, as a matter of fact, the firefox-users.

They had upgraded their Firefox to 3.6., and got the message that an add-on must me installed ( appears to be the JRE  / Jinitiator) . After installing this, it still does not work.

The answer comes from here :  no more Java < 6.10 anymore in  Firefox 3.6 and above…. So the plans we had for upgrading JRE to Java 6.17 or 6.18, we have to accelarate these… No  more Jinitiator.

By the way: ever tried to open notes in  My Oracle Support with Firefox 3.6 ? Does not look nice.  Following  this item at the support page of Mozilla.