WordPress – website migration

While I was busy with my own  website with choosing which theme I will use, and populating it with blog-posts, I was asked to do the same for other websites.

Most questions are:

  • My site can’t easily be managed because it’s written in pure html or other stuff.
  • As a result of that, integration with social media is quite hard.
  • I want control of my own site, in stead of being dependent of geeks and nerds.
  • It’s really expensive to migrate my site to WordPress and host it.
  • There are ton’s of WordPress – themes, which one to choose for my company, and what is important to take into consideration.

It’s not my daily job, but I like to work with WordPress, and a site doesn’t have to be expensive, yet still beautiful and easily maintainable with few effort.

So I took a challenge with a real-estate website. Chose a beautiful theme of ‘Themeforrest’, a hosting-site  and a domain-site.

The result is a nice looking website, which is maintainable, cheap and the owner is able to control the website / real-estate properties herself: www.outliving.nl .

What did it cost her:

  • $250,- for migrating the site. This included the – paid – theme of Themeforrest.
  • $10,- a month for hosting the site including the domain (owner keeps ownership).
  • She didn’t want to do the content, so I charge $20,- a month for maintaining the site : keep an eye on the plugin’s, take care of the content : the real-estate properties’, small adaptions at the site, etc.

The above is just an example, and another site could be more complicated to migrate, but when someone is interested: just mail me at job@jobacle.nl. I’ll see what I can do for you!