My name is Job Oprel, and making a living for a long time at working with Oracle products. It has always been a fine job, so the name of this blog couldn’t be more obvious: a combination of my name , Job and Oracle. Got also a recognition from the community as  Oracle ACE Associate.

I’m a solution architect at Qualogy with a special interest in Oracle licensing, High Availability architectures and managing complex (Oracle) environments, which includes Cloud environments.

With a background as Oracle developer, DBA, team-manager, license-consultant and solution architect,  my strength is the ability to utilize the Oracle technologies to a cost-efficient architecture for customers.

I’m regularly involved in consultancy regarding:

  • Oracle Database Appliance
  • Enterprise Manager
  • Road to the cloud
  • Unlimited License Agreements (ULA).
  • License compliancy-checks and advice regarding optimizing the environment.
  • Second opinions.
  • Education / presentations about licensing and managing your infrastructure in the most cost-efficient manner.
  • Setting up High Available Environments

Why blogging?
First of all because it’s my strong belief that we have to share IT-knowledge around the globe and besides that, I’ve got more personal goals:
– Get more experienced with blogging and WordPress in particular
– Use it as a ‘knowledge-base’ for myself when I’m out at custumor’s place.
– Frankly, to get my name more known on the internet  🙂

The content of this blog is a mess-up of all kind of technical Oracle-stuff and some downloads. It’s content varies a lot, and depends strongly what I’m doing at the customer’s place.

This blog is powered by WordPress.  Very pleased with the usability. Using a powerful theme at the moment : Avada from Theme-fusion.

Besides comments on the posts (to be approved before publicing it..), you can always mail me: or use the contact page for questions about Oracle products and advice .

Twitter: jobaclenl