How firefox 3.6 accelerates the phasing out of Jinitiator (and frustrates Ora-support..)

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The customer is using Firefox, 3.5 in this case, and Internet Explorer (6!). Suddenly the application does not work anymore for a lot of clients, as a matter of fact, the firefox-users. They had upgraded their Firefox to 3.6., and got the message that an add-on must me installed ( appears to be the JRE ) . After installing this, it still does not work.

Java-errors in – ORA-29516 and ORA-03113

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Why is it that java is crossing my path so much now and then... After a restore of a database on another node, including renaming him/her, java classes were invalid. Trying to create / replace them, errors popped up: ORA-29516: Aurora assertion failure: Assertion failure at eox.c:317 Uncaught exception Root of all Java exceptions: java.lang.NullPointerException

The curious case of the left-handed mouse in webforms

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In OAS (, webforms, when using a left-handed mouse to expand a menu, the tree node is not expanding. No error is given.
For example, in ‘Material Workbench’ select the ‘+’ to expand ‘Organizations’ in the menu.
Left and right button does not do anything.
Also, the left handed users are having difficulties […]

Creating PDF’s with PL/SQL and itext

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There are several ways to create PDF's, on the client (e.g. PDFCreator) or on the middletier. But to create PDF's merely with packages in the database, that's another story. Even Apex uses some Java on the middletier. The product PLPDF on the other hand is a well known utility which provides this functionality (using open-source 'itext'), but.. you have to pay for this. So why not do it ourselves with itext, open-source (answer: a lot of work and knowledge of Java...).

Discoverer Plus decreased interaction-performance with Sun JRE 1.6.0_03

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User reported a very slow interacting on his new laptop with Discoverer Plus.  Changing tabs, opening workbook wizard e.g. Other laptops / workstation had no problems.

He was the only one who had a ‘modern’ Java version on his laptop : above 1.6.   So it had to be Java.  And that […]

Signing jar-files

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A project is using Sferyx in Webforms, and the file HTMLEditorLight.jar is used. But 'copy and paste' from outside the form to the editor is not working. Cause: the jar-file need to be signed. To sign a jar-file the tools 'keytool' and 'jarsigner' is needed. But... why not use a script from e.g. webutil: With a few adjustments it's a quite common, usable script.

Internet Explorer crashes with Oracle forms / Jinitiator

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Problem: when running form modules using Internet Explorer and JInitiator 1.3.1.x, the browser window opens and crashes immediately before the applet starts. When using Mozilla Firefox, there’s no problem at all.

Several notes on Metalink about this:  602001.1, 430359.1, 550301.1
The issue does not occur when using Sun JRE version 1.4, […]

Sun JRE instead of Jinitiator with Forms and Webutil

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Running Forms and Webutil with Sun Java 5.0.6 instead of Jinitiator.

And you know what:  it’s faster and has more functionality I’ve been told…
First you need the java-file. In this case: jre15006.exe.

Initially I found it hard to find on the site of Sun – didn’t even know the name of […]

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