My RAC project with Openfiler, part II – grid infrastructure and database

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This is the second post of my little project of building my own RAC on my Windows7-desktop (64-bits, 8GB RAM), using 3 VM’s (VM-workstation , 7.1.3 build-324285) : * 2 VM’s for two RAC-nodes, based on OEL 5.5, for infra, and database. * 1 VM as my own SAN, based on Openfiler 2.3 (free), for ASM.

iscsiadm discovery: no output with Openfiler.

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I was building my own Oracle RAC 11g cluster ( with Openfiler as my shared storage. Two VM's as my rac-cluster, one VM with Openfiler as my own SAN. Followed the instructions of the article of Jeffrey Hunter how to build a RAC on OEL and iSCSI, however this article is not based on VM. My Openfiler-VM was ready, given access to my both nodes on iSCSI-level, and now I want my rac1-node to discover the iSCSI-drives on my Openfiler.

RAC and GFS2 – a misscount

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For those who are not that interested in the whole story about RAC, GFS2, the misscount-parameter and Red Hat, I’ll give you the outcome: don’t use RAC (10 or 11) with GFS2 – Red Hat Cluster Suite, it’s a dead end road. For those who are interested, you’re invited…

Logrotating of files like default-web-access.log with help of Linux

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What to do about the ever growing files on Oracle application server as: - default-web-access.log - server.log and more.. These files are not logrotated (OAS

OID gives status NONE. Error: sgslunlListen: Bind Failed On Communication Endpoint

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Installed and configured application server  on VM-ware with guest-OS Suse Linux 9. All worked fine, until a (hard) reboot by system admin. OID can’t connect to the default port 13060.

Error in $ORACLE_HOME/ldap/log/oidldapd01.log :

“Bind Failed On Communication Endpoint”  and “Dispatcher Process unable to bind to port”

Because it was a rough […]

Enterprise Manager, OMS : large number of defunct-processes

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On my Grid Control management-server (Suse Linux, OMS version a very large number of <defunct> processes arose what eventually caused the OMS not to respond anymore.

Looked like this:
oracle   16932 15961  0 Mar03 ?        00:00:00 <defunct>
oracle   16987 15961  0 Mar03 ?        00:00:00 <defunct>
oracle   […]

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