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Enterprise Manager warnings : Diskgroup requires rebalance on ASM targets

The following is from a former colleague, worth mentioning. The ASM targets in OEM-GC give the next active warnings: Metric: Disk Group Percent Imbalance Message: Disk Group SYSTEMDG requires rebalance because the space usage imbalance between disks is high. Metric: Disk Size Imbalance (%) Message: Disk Group SYSTEMDG has failure groups with disks of different

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Processes and startup-sequences in 11.2

Remember the old days. You had just a few processes to watch. Something has changed along the way. A lot of processes should be running on your database system (with infrastructure), but how are they connected to eachother and what is the startup sequence ? Or.. what processes I can kill without any other proces starting it up... :-)

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My RAC project with Openfiler, part II – grid infrastructure and database

This is the second post of my little project of building my own RAC on my Windows7-desktop (64-bits, 8GB RAM), using 3 VM’s (VM-workstation , 7.1.3 build-324285) : * 2 VM’s for two RAC-nodes, based on OEL 5.5, for infra, and database. * 1 VM as my own SAN, based on Openfiler 2.3 (free), for ASM.

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