Multitenancy: is a Proxy PDB part of the 3 free PDBs at 19c

As most of us know, Oracle Database 19c now supports up to 3 pluggable databases (PDBs) per container database (CDB) without requiring additional multitenant license—applicable for both Standard Edition (SE2) and Enterprise Edition (EE). This documentation clearly states: “For all offerings, if you are not licensed for Oracle Multitenant, then you may have up to

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Should a standby database be considered in the cloud?

To answer this question for your company, the criticalness of your application and database must be clear. In a High Availability Environment, a standby-database can be part of the technical solution to ensure minimum downtime for your database. But when moving to a public or private cloud (IaaS, PaaS), the providers ensure a certain high availability,

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Oracle disaster recovery without licensing the DR site

Recently I got a question of a customer regarding a failover configuration. They wanted to install a second server acting as a failover server, switched off until the primary experiences an outage, and they don’t want to pay licenses for it. By bringing the failover-server to life and restore the backup,  business continues on this

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expdp, ora-1555, Query Duration = 0

During a migration of a database, a remote export/import procedure (through database-link) fails intermittently. Some tables are skipped during export, with the familiair ‘ORA-0155’ error. Snapshot too old. Procedure hasn’t changed. What’s going on, besides the obvious reasons for an ORA-0155. Database version changed from to

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What kind of Oracle Linux support on Oracle hardware is included

When you buy an Oracle Database Appliance – any type – or just a X-server (e.g. X7-2), you get free support for OracleVM, Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux. But Oracle Linux has different flavours , like basic, premier and premier limited. What kind of support do you get when buying hardware from Oracle? Can Ksplice be

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