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SQL Server Management Studio 18 won’t open

Yes, no Oracle today.  A very short blogpost about opening SQL Server Management Studio. It didn't open, only a splash screen pops up. Found the solution at DBA Stack Exchange, but thought it would be nice to summarize this in a blog-post. Logging gave no clue:...

Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c and Always On Monitoring

In this cloud-era it’s almost weird to explore stuff on-premises, but I did….  In this case a slightly Higher Availibility configuration of Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) that doesn’t  cost anything, is not disruptive to the existing configuration and gives a tiny...

SQLDeveloper user preferences in a Citrix environment

Installing software in a Citrix-environment is sometimes a hassle. You have to handover the software, installation- and test-documentation to the scripters and hope for the best. In this case I handed over SQLDeveloper 19.4 as a pretty default installation, very...
Webinar “Oracle migration to Postgres in the Cloud”

Webinar “Oracle migration to Postgres in the Cloud”

Recently I attended a webinar “Oracle migration to Postgres in the Cloud”. It felt a bit like cheating, as I'm more an Oracle guy and my company is Oracle Platinum partner…. But very curious how easy it is to migrate (it depends…) and what hurdles to expect. The...

No more RAC in SE2 19c

No more RAC in SE2 19c

A short post after a tweet of Johannes Ahrends (@carajandb on twitter). He brought to our attention that he was worried: SE2 doesn't include RAC anymore in 19c. Is it a documentation bug? Unfortunately not... his worries appeared to be ligitimate.  He made a...

expdp, ora-1555, Query Duration = 0

expdp, ora-1555, Query Duration = 0

During a migration of a database, a remote export/import procedure (through database-link) fails intermittently. Some tables are skipped during export, with the familiair 'ORA-0155' error. Snapshot too old. Procedure hasn't changed. What's going on, besides the...

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