Shutdown !

With great regret, I was forced to shutdown my blog-site ‘’. However not very active in publishing posts lately I did enjoy the making of the posts and sharing of knowledge of Oracle related software, since september 18th 2007 (180+). Until now.

The reason of shutting it down has a direct relationship with the summoning of a (Dutch) law firm. Apparently I used – without knowing it – a picture in one of my posts a few years ago, with copyright on it of an ‘artist and photographer’ in California. The amount of money involved is completely out of proportion, and not covered by my personal liability insurance, and my legal counsel insurance.

I’m an employee, not a company, so I can’t afford to have this kind of summons / lawsuits.

I’m aware of the fact he is protecting his income, but no attempt has been made for contact, but immediately sending a lawyer. No nuances. Regardless the quality of the picture at the site (poor), if there’s commerce involved (no), intentional (no), goal of the site (sharing knowledge), firm or personal blog (personal blog).

I don’t know if I made this mistake again somewhere in the posts, so I’m shutting it down to be sure. I’ve got more than 180 posts written, will take me too much time to check and edit them, with still a risk somebody in the U.S. is offended or set a copyright on a snapshot.

Very disappointed that the culture of ‘I’m suing you’ of the U.S. has reached the Netherlands, or at least my personal space.

Kind regards