Deploying Oracle OEM agents 13c on windows targets (2008 R2) while OMS is on Linux

Situation at customer’s site: OMS 13.2 on Oracle Linux, targets are Windows machines, and a bit ancient: Windows 2008 R2. How to deploy agents on those targets? Several methods are possible in theory. In this blog I’ll describe my efforts to determine what is really possible and what is efficient.

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Relocating base directory Enterprise Manager’s central agent

After the upgrade of the 12c central agent to 13c, I noticed the new central agent’s home located under the wrong – old agent – directory: /u01/app/oracle/agent12c/agent_13. Must have done something wrong. How to correct this? Want to move the directory to /u01/app/oracle/agent13c/. A very short blog to describe the two steps.

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Crash Grid Control agent, too many open files;health check-error

Agent ( crashes – on a site (64-bit) with many databases ( a lot, intermittently – , too many open files, emagent.trc gives ‘health check’ error Agent gave messages – in the past – like this: Number files opened by Agent is 1140. These files appeared to be the $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/hc<instance>_.dat which is loaded a lot

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