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Rewrite in Apache does not work anymore

Installed an Apache on Suse Linux 10. Configured httpd.conf including a rewrite rule in a virtual host. No configuration errors, but it did not work at all! After a while I discovered that the mod-rewrite module had been installed, but not enabled with this version of Apache (2.2.x).

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While migrating discoverer sso-connections, ‘ssomig’ hangs

Helped a collegae who was migrating a discoverer configuration to another node with a different version (from 10.1.2 to 10.1.4) with now a 10.2 – infrastructure database in a separate home. The OID-users were already successfully migrated, with a little help of the example-script here, but one of the problems was that discoverer didn’t use the single-sign on. The other was that the private and public connection users had made, had disappeared.

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Logrotating of files like default-web-access.log with help of Linux

What to do about the ever growing files on Oracle application server as: - default-web-access.log - server.log and more.. These files are not logrotated (OAS < 10.1.3 ) and cannot always be deleted or renamed manually on a 'normal' way, and it must be scripted to avoid extraordinary large log-files. Quite annoying, until Frits Hoogland pointed me to a standard Linux-functionality, 'logrotate'.

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Object ODS.OID_RESPONSE_ARRAY_TYPE does not exist, Grid Control

After installing Oracle Application Server, with corresponding OID, Grid Control gave me the obove mentioned error, and the the item OID gave a 'metric collection error'. To fix the metric collection error downloaded and applied Patch 5686191 on top of OID product.This is a sql-script to run against the OID-repository.

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Adding a true-type font to Reports Services while running Reports deployed on the web

Problem: A report, designed for generating PDF with the true-type font Univers in it, does not work while deployed on the web, and uses other fonts instead. Cause: there’s no Univers installed in the Reports Services on Unix. Solution: install the font and configure the Reports Service!  Sounds simple… In the process of figuring this

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Creating / deleting a reports server in OAS 10.1.2, integrated with EM/AS-console

Creating a reports server and integrate it with Enterprise Manager / iasconsole Why: – Under control of opmn (wil be automatically restarted) – Visible and manageable under Enterprise Manager. 1. Create/start a new reports server : “$ORACLE_HOME/bin/ repproject 2. A small window will pop-up, showing that the reports server is starting up. 3. After it’s

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The curious case of the left-handed mouse in webforms

In OAS (, webforms, when using a left-handed mouse to expand a menu, the tree node is not expanding. No error is given. For example, in 'Material Workbench' select the '+' to expand 'Organizations' in the menu. Left and right button does not do anything. Also, the left handed users are having difficulties in moving

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Create virtual host with Webcache on OAS

Creating Virtual Host with Webcache and HTTP-server. Not that high-tech, but takes quite a lot of small steps, and must be done without taking risks in a production environment. I did this with Enterprise Manager, while I did not completely rely on my abilities on updating the $ORACLE_HOME/webcache/webcache.xml ..... , and eventually I had to hand it over to the production-DBA.

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Signing jar-files

A project is using Sferyx in Webforms, and the file HTMLEditorLight.jar is used. But 'copy and paste' from outside the form to the editor is not working. Cause: the jar-file need to be signed. To sign a jar-file the tools 'keytool' and 'jarsigner' is needed. But... why not use a script from e.g. webutil: With a few adjustments it's a quite common, usable script.

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