Processes and startup-sequences in 11.2

Remember the old days. You had just a few processes to watch. Something has changed along the way. A lot of processes should be running on your database system (with infrastructure), but how are they connected to eachother and what is the startup sequence ? Or.. what processes I can kill without any other proces starting it up... :-)

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Using http://localhost:8080 at APEX(11gr1), horrible performance

I had to install a 11g release 1 on Windows for demonstration purpose of APEX. APEX comes standard with 11g, so that's nice. When using Embedded PLSQL you don't even need Apache... But when I'm using http://localhost:8080/apex/apex_admin, the login-page popped up after a minute or two.And every page I use has the same horrible performance. Using the loopback by the way like on the server gives the same result.

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Determining compression-factor 11g release 1

Working on 11g, release 1 (, managers wanted to know what kind of compression factor we achieved in the datawarehouse. Amount of (compressed) data: just about 1,5 TB. In all my naivity I thought Oracle delivered the package 'DBMS_COMPRESSION' which will show me the rate of achieved compression per table. But first of all, in 11gr1 there was no package like 'DBMS_COMPRESSION', this is only delivered with release 2.

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Apex, HTTP-404 while clicking ‘application builder’

Apex, version, on a is working fine for some time. Then, while clicking the 'application builder' home-page, we got the 'page not found'-error in the browser. Logging of Apache shows: mod_plsql: /pls/apex_schd/f HTTP-404 ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel\n mod_plsql: Unable to reset state for mode 0: Err 3114 url=>/pls/apex_schd/f

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