Of Motorcycles, Databases and the Cloud

Of Motorcycles, Databases and the Cloud

What has Oracle to do with motorcycles? At first sight: nothing at all! Except I’m a motor rider myself and I’m doing something with databases. But, inspired by a motorcycle-vlogger I made a mental connection between those area’s, where motorcycles can be replaced by cars or any other luxury goods we are using. Just a small reflection about overlooking the hidden costs or savings.

(and by the way, the photo of Itchy Boots I used, has her permission).


To explain the relation, and relevant for this short blogpost, I first need to tell you what bike I own at the moment.

My motorcycle is a Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere Worldcrosser with 112 BHP, 1200cc, an impressive machine with massive power, especially designed for people like me, a wannabee world-traveller with little or no experience in off-road riding. The motor has been equipped with all kind of fancy electronics avoiding me falling off, be involved in an accident or get lost. But… you don’t see a lot of dirt-road travellers choose this bike for their adventures. (more…)