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Enterprise Manager warnings : Diskgroup requires rebalance on ASM targets

The following is from a former colleague, worth mentioning. The ASM targets in OEM-GC give the next active warnings: Metric: Disk Group Percent Imbalance Message: Disk Group SYSTEMDG requires rebalance because the space usage imbalance between disks is high. Metric: Disk Size Imbalance (%) Message: Disk Group SYSTEMDG has failure groups with disks of different

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Object ODS.OID_RESPONSE_ARRAY_TYPE does not exist, Grid Control

After installing Oracle Application Server, with corresponding OID, Grid Control gave me the obove mentioned error, and the the item OID gave a 'metric collection error'. To fix the metric collection error downloaded and applied Patch 5686191 on top of OID product.This is a sql-script to run against the OID-repository.

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Creating / deleting a reports server in OAS 10.1.2, integrated with EM/AS-console

Creating a reports server and integrate it with Enterprise Manager / iasconsole Why: – Under control of opmn (wil be automatically restarted) – Visible and manageable under Enterprise Manager. 1. Create/start a new reports server : “$ORACLE_HOME/bin/rwserver.sh repproject 2. A small window will pop-up, showing that the reports server is starting up. 3. After it’s

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